Trail riding is a fun sport filled with freedom, but it is also a fairly high risk sport so there has to be some rules to keep everyone safe.  We have developed the following 11 rules that must be followed at our events.

1. Stay on the marked tracks. Do not take shortcuts other than proper shortcuts marked by the event. 
2. Only use the trails within the hours specified. Do not go out on the trails before the trails are open or after the trails are closed. 
3. Obey all arrows. 2 crossed arrows indicate the wrong way, down arrow/s indicate slow down for potential danger, green arrows indicate novice option. Never ride backwards against the arrows.
4. Stay left at all times as there could be (and probably are) other people and vehicles in the forest.
5. Ride within your capabilities and vision. 
6. Ride slowly in the base at 10 km per hour maximum. Use the base access roads if provided. Do not rip up grassy areas. No wheelies. 
7. Wear the correct safety gear when riding including helmet, boots that cover the ankle, (no gumboots), long sleeved top and strong long trousers. (Gloves, goggles, knee pads, kidney belt and body armour are strongly recommended) 
8. All riders must read or understand the event rules and sign the event indemnity of liability statement before riding. 
9. All Riders, except Mini Riders, must carry a fire extinguisher of 0.3 litre minimum.
10. If you break down, push your bike off the trail to be safe, but stay near the trail. Wait for event staff or ring the base for assistance, or send another rider for help. A recovery vehicle will be despatched when possible. Once back at base, report to sign on to confirm that you & your bike are back. 
11. If injured, stay with your bike near the trail. Try to make yourself safe and comfortable. Ring the base if you can or wait for help. The next rider on the scene must stop and assist the injured rider. Make sure that oncoming riders can not hit the injured person or yourself. Ring the base phone numbers if there is phone coverage. Next rider on the accident scene needs to get help. Ride to get mobile phone coverage or follow the track to base to get medical help. Only use proper marked short cuts to get home faster. If you think you may have been reported injured, but make it back to base, please report to sign on to say that you are back safe.

1. You could injure or kill someone
2. You could get injured or killed.
3. You may be removed from this event.
4. You may be banned from all Epic Events trail rides for one year or forever.
5. You may be banned from all other trail rides run in NZ by associates of Epic Events.
6. You may be prosecuted by the NZ Police under New Zealand Law.
7. You may cause the loss of this venue and the end of this event and the end of all Epic Events trail rides.