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2024 Entry Form Bikes

Just so you all know the NO quads rule is from the forest managers.

Location: Berm Buster is located 25 minutes East of Taupo off SH5, Napier to Taupo Highway.  Turn onto Taharua Road off SH5.  Look for Epic Events arrows into the forest Homestead Road (gravel).

At Berm Buster our 4 x main trails all grade 1 are easily rideable in all weather conditions by beginners, kids and adventure bikes. If it actually rains the grip mostly improves. Plus we have extra fresh trail options for Sunday.

Off the main trails there are lots of optional breakout trails, grades from 2-6 (Grades 1 = easiest to 6 = hardest)

If you should have any trouble on these trails we have up to 30 sweep riders plus medics and 4 recovery drivers with Side by Sides with recovery trailers, with radio communication back to base.

With so many trails you will need two days to do them, plus there is normally new trails each event.

Plus we have a free camping paddock with a port a loo just before the entrance to the event. We also have demo bikes, hire bikes, AFC outlet store for any gear you need or forgot, Huka Honda supply bike and tyre repairs, House of Dirt supply suspension setup and Savanahs Ltd supply a great range of food, drinks and coffee available from 7.30am they do a great breakfast.

Click here for a short clip from New Zealand's Greg Murphy

Click here for a short clip from AFC's Liam & Epic's Greg in some breakouts April 2023

Click here for a short clip from April 2023

Click here to watch the Berm Buster promo video 2022-2023

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Info Sheet and entry form

 2024 May 18-19th 2024  as above  2024 Info Sheet  and  Entry Form and Rider Rules
Side X Side Only Event 2024 June 8thSXS page    as above

 Online entry form SXS ONLY 

 2024 June 22-23rd as above   Berm Buster Info 2024 and Entry Form 2024 
 2024 August 10-11th as above   
2024 September 14-15th as above   
 2024 October 12-13th as above   
2024 November 16-17th as above   


Berm Buster 2022 Video Link- Clarke & Liam

New Zealand’s most popular Trail Ride

When:  April-November 2023/24

Where: Off Taharua Rd, SH 5, Taupo

District: Taupo

Directions: The event is located off Taharua Rd, SH 5 (Napier/Taupo Rd), about 25 minutes from Taupo. Epic Events signs & arrows on SH 5.

Suitable: for all abilities 2 wheels only, no quads forest rules.

Terrain: The unique Taupo pumice makes it rideable in all weather. We need rain to compact the track. Over 160kms of tracks in total, with rolling hills, winding gully’s, cranking firebreaks & jumps. Millions of berms and mega traction. Lots of variety! All main trails freshly groomed after each event! Pump up your skills on a variety of optional breakout trails, off the main trails and there’s some purpose-built trails for the novice riders and for the kids too. Enduro X track.

Skill Levels: All Trails and optional Breakouts are graded 1-6 just like mountain biking.

Grade 1: Is ridable in all-weather by beginners (Main Trails).

Grade 2: More like your average trail ride.

Grade 3: A bit more old school with some single track, NO logs.

Grade 4: Getting tricky some small logs.

Grade 5: Take a drink, bigger everything.

Grade 6: Be prepared to lift and push your bike depending on skill level, not ideal for MX bikes.


KTM track approx 31km grade 1 plus optional breakout tracks.

Husqvarna track approx 25km grade 1 plus optional breakout tracks.

Gasgas track approx. 13km grade 1 plus optional breakout tracks.

Motorex track approx. 10 km grade 1 plus optional breakout tracks.

Novice, Novice kids and Kids mini forest track, Kids mini and mud track.

All have optional breakout sections, that you can ride over and over grades between 2-6. The KTM and the Husqvarna have common sections so you can mix and match. 

Sign in from: 8:00am

Tracks open between: 9.00am-3.00pm (under normal circumstance)

Other details:

Enter on the day by cash. No Eftpos. 

Ride fees Saturday



Child (under 11)


Youth 11-15


 Family 2+3


Ride fees Weekend



Child (under 11)


Youth 11-15



Family 2+3


Ride fees Sunday



Child (under 11)


Youth 11-15


 Family 2+3


 Families Mum, Dad and up to 3 children, 15 years or younger from the same family!

 Sweep Riders and Bike Recovery: Regular sweeps on all main trails and roaming sweeps on breakouts.

 Peak Medics: Onsite at each event

 Hire Bikes we have hire bikes! 9am-12pm or 12.30pm to 3.30pm slots for more information please go to our website hire bike page for prices of different bikes, all late model.www.epicevents.co.nz or call Dee 021 49 5155

 Fire extinguishers are compulsory for adult riders and can be bought on the day for $30 or (hire system, pay $30, bring it back and get $20 back at the end of the day or weekend)

Food: Awesome Coffee, Great Food and Cold drinks for sale.

Accessories: Check out the AFC Outlet Store plus some of the latest dirt riding gear available now for the winter season.

Motorcycles: AFC Motorcycles will have KTM demo bikes, Powersports will have Husqvarna and Kawasaki Demo bikes and Huka Honda will be doing service and have Honda demo bikes. We are working on Gasgas.

www.afc.co.nz  www.afc.co.nz

Service: Huka Honda are onsite with parts, tyres and tubes, they can do most minor repairs. www.hukahonda.co.nz

Suspension: House of Dirt- Renny Johnston Suspension and WP specialist. House of Dirt

Accommodation: Lots of options in Taupo, pays to book early.

Camping: We have a camping option near the forest base. On the corner of Taharua Road and Homestead Rd, this is the gravel road to the entry of the ride, (for google maps it is just before the intersection of Taharua road and Clements Mill Road)  signs and arrows from SH5 Napier Taupo Road. 

The camping paddock will be open and have the signs up from midday Friday until midday Monday. 


There is heaps of room and no one has got stuck yet even in the rain. 

We will put a portaloo there but that’s it, you need to be self-sufficient, and it can get COLD out there. Security is your personal responsibility. Only quiet camping, THIS IS NOT A PARTY! No riding around the paddock.

No bikes started after dark, and we expect to be able to sleep after 9pm

No ripping up the paddock… etc common sense. This is private property, and we need to respect the owners and their land.  (Please self police this or risk losing it)

No Charge at this stage. We are paying the landowner.

Organiser: www.epicevents.co.nz

Contact: Dee Kiernan 021 49 5155 

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We are a company specialising in off-road motorcycling , dedicated to bringing you great trail riding, cross-country racing.

At Epic Events we aim to lead the field with the safest and best managed motorcycle events.

Our events are our passion and our way of life...Whether you’re new to the dirt biking circuit, or itching to make your first run, there are always a few techniques and things to keep in mind that can make your ride both safe and exciting when out on the dirt bike trail!

Our rides have tracks for ALL abilities, and in Taupo they're on all weather pumice terrain, offering exceptional traction no matter what the weather!

Epic Events welcomes you and your bike at our events and we promise to provide you with a fantastic ride!

The safety of all our riders is of utmost importance to us! In order to support the health and wellbeing of everyone;

Thank you :-)


So far Berm Buster has only ever had to cancel for Covid. We are an all weather event.

Possible exceptions are extreme fire risk and extreme winds.

Any postponements or cancellations will be listed on Facebook.  Please check here before travelling if unsure. 

Proudly sponsored by KTM New Zealand

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