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Together we can enjoy motorcycle events at Alert Level 2. Things will run a little differently under this Alert level, please look after yourself and take personal responsibility :-)

The safety of all our riders is of utmost importance to us! In order to support the health & well being of everyone please DO NOT attend any event if you:

Epic Events is proud to be New Zealands's #1 motorcycle event specialists!

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Epic Events trail rides are now under new ownership!

All of the Adventure rides are now under www.motomapped.co.nz

Epic Event Calendar 2022:








AFC Berm Buster

Trail Ride

Napier/Taupo, Taupo



AFC Berm Buster

Trail Ride

Napier/Taupo, Taupo



AFC Berm Buster

Trail Ride

Napier/Taupo, Taupo



AFC Berm Buster

Trail Ride

Napier/Taupo, Taupo



AFC Berm Buster

Trail Ride

Napier/Taupo, Taupo



AFC Berm Buster 10th/ Side x Side 11th

Trail Ride

Napier/Taupo, Taupo



AFC Berm Buster 8th/ Side x Side 9th

Trail Ride

Napier/Taupo, Taupo

7DD 1966


We are a company specialising in off-road motorcycling , dedicated to bringing you great trail riding, cross-country racing.

At Epic Events we aim to lead the field with the safest and best managed motorcycle events.

Our events are our passion and our way of life...Whether you’re new to the dirt biking circuit, or itching to make your first run, there are always a few techniques and things to keep in mind that can make your ride both safe and exciting when out on the dirt bike trail!

  1. Body Positioning – there’s always a best place to position your weight, put your body, and balance when sitting and standing.
  2. Good Handle Bar Control!
  3. Be Light on the Bike – this means laying off and letting the bike do what it was designed to do.
  4. Uphill Techniques – only two, the easy way and the hard way!
  5. Downhill Techniques – master body positioning, steering and braking.
  6. Acceleration – remember to use light pressure on the bars, pinch the tank with knees when standing, and make use of your stomach muscles.
  7. Stand up, look ahead, keep momentum!

Of course, there’s a lot more to dirt biking than you’ll find on this short list, and it takes a lot of riding to hit the trails like a professional.

Our rides have tracks for ALL abilities, and in Taupo they're on all weather pumice terrain, offering exceptional traction no matter what the weather!

Epic Events welcomes you and your bike at our events and we promise to provide you with a fantastic ride!

The safety of all our riders is of utmost importance to us! In order to support the health and wellbeing of everyone;

 Please DO NOT attend any event if you: 

Thank you :-)

Why choose to do an Epic Event?

You have a lot of choice when it comes to selecting what events you will take part in each year.  At Epic Events, we take great pride in providing a fantastic event with the following features;

  1. Our events are held in great locations.  Not somewhere you can ride any day of the week.
  2. We are experts in track construction and always strive to make fun, interesting trails in awesome locations.
  3. Most of our events take place in Taupo with great pumice soil that provides all year round traction, even if wet.
  4. We mark all our courses really well so you are 100% confident in where you are going.
  5. We do everything we can to ensure the safety of everybody at the event.
  6. There is great music, food, coffee and a relaxed social atmosphere at all our events.


Any postponements or cancellations will be listed right here.  Please check here before travelling if unsure.

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