Suzuki Adventure Safari

SUZUKI Adventure Safari - November 23rd-24th 2019

What a great ride weekend this was in November 2018! - Great riding, fantastic social occasion! The SAS will now become an annual adventure weekend, each year it will be held at a new location. Please watch this space and we will update information as soon as it becomes available!

Bring your adventure riding skills on our next mission - The Suzuki Adventure Safari (S.A.S). Proudly supported by Suzuki NZ, this unique introductory adventure ride - covering two days, is strictly limited to everything Suzuki. 

The Suzuki Adventure Safari is suitable for road registered dual purpose/adventure Suzuki motorcycles, and pillions are welcome. So if you own, beg or borrow a Suzuki adventure motorcycle, and would like to enjoy 2 days of superb riding off the beaten track with like-minded enthusiasts, then this is the perfect ride and social occasion for you! The ride is designed to be fun  - not a hard slog - and is a great entry level adventure for riders who have not experienced organised adventure riding before - we do all this for you - you just have to register, and turn up with your motorcycle and an overnight bag!

What to Expect SAS 2018:

As a two day manoeuvre this ride is going to be a blast, with some great scenic riding you may not have experienced before in this part of the country!  

We're here for an awesome social occasion, great riding, and a whole weekend of enjoyment with some like-minded Suzuki adventure enthusiasts! 

This two day ride is centered around the Suzuki Headquarters in Wanganui with the following timetable:

Meet at 8.00am at Suzuki HQ, 1 Heads Rd, Wanganui for registration and briefing on Saturday 10th November.

Saturday 10th November - Day 1 - Tarseal & gravel riding rated easy

We'll head up the river roads and stop in Ohakune for a catered lunch. In the afternoon we'll have an interesting loop back to Wanganui where we'll have dinner and spend the night.

Accommodation is at your own expense - we recommend you book at Econolodge Wanganui or close by, as we have booked the Saturday night dinner at The Oaks, at the lodge.

Sunday 11th November - Day 2 - Tarseal, gravel & tracks rated easy to medium

9.00am start from Suzuki Headquarters. The second day we will be riding through more spectacular scenery, for approximately half a day, to complete the Suzuki Adventure Safari.

Cost: Rider $190, and pillion $150

Entry fee includes:

  • GPS and/or map coordinates for 2 days riding
  • Catered lunch Saturday
  • Delicious buffet dinner Saturday night
  • Quality Safari Tee
If you're a Suzuki adventure enthusiast, you'd be mad to miss this gathering, and we look forward to riding with you!

Suzuki D-Day 2017

D-Day National Assault Boot Camp Gravel Road Tour


Gravel road tour requires a 2 out of 10 skill level and will be suitable for all Suzuki adventure motorcycles.

Troops assemble for briefing no later than 1200hrs from "The Park Hotel" at National Park. This is also a chance to have a catch up and a chin wag, and ensure you are prepared to enjoy a great afternoon of adventure. Make sure you have had an early lunch, which you can get at the hotel if you choose, and some afternoon tea rations will be included along the route.


D-Day National Assault The Final Push Off-Road Traverse

For more confident riders this off-raod assault requires an 8 out of 10 skill level in some parts and is more suitable to DR650 and DRZ 400/250 models. Troops assemble for briefing after breakfast at 08.30hrs from The Park Hotel. Morning tea rations included along the route. 

If you choose to enter for both days riding, a hearty buffet dinner at The Park Hotel is included in your entry fee!

If you choose to only ride for one day, but still wish to attend the dinner, please email or phone Claire at or 0275 144419.

Accommodation: The Park Hotel - National Park. Please book this yourself, and state you are for the Suzuki D-Day event!

Entry Fee Includes:

  • Registration and briefing
  • A superb day or 2 of adventure riding through stunning Central Plateau scenery
  • Rally Tee and ride stickers
  • Guides & sweep crew
  • Land Access Fees
  • A delicious hot buffet dinner if you choose to ride both days (see above for options)