Taupo Enduro




An Enduro is like trail riding, with some sections of racing.
Arrive early. Sign on is underway by 8-8:30am, the first riders depart at 10am sharp & you want to have plenty of time to get yourself well organized.
You do not need an MNZ Racing License unless you are competing in the National Enduro Series. Round 7 of the National Enduro Series will be held as part of the Taupo Enduro.
At sign on you will be given a number for the front of your bike, and a time card which you need to keep on you in a safe place during the race.

Do not start your bike when you take it off the trailer. Your bike must be dead cold at the start of the event.

Riders briefing is compulsory. (Listen to the track information).


Bike numbers 1-15 numbers are usually given to the expert riders. (Their course often has more difficult sections and is usually longer). Basically 3 riders leave each minute at 1 minute intervals. So the number system is 1, 1A, & 1B. These will be the first 3 riders to leave at 10 am. Assuming you are given 22A when you sign on, this means you will start at 10:22. At the Start Time Control, when the flip card shows 22, you have one minute to start your bike from cold, warm it up & ride off. A failed start will cost you a 20 second penalty.


The day is broken up into at least 4 sections, commonly known as Trail sections. Follow the arrows without fail – just like a trail ride. You have a certain amount of time to get to the start of the next Trail section. Usually the first 2 sections the time is quite relaxed so if you are a confident rider, you will get there with time to spare. Check the clock and see how much time you have before your minute is due, this will allow you time to refuel & get something to eat & drink without having to rush too much to the start of your next trail section. When 22 appears on the flip card again, push your bike through the time control, restart your bike on the other side of the time control and head off again. If you are late, and the time card is now reading, say 29, then the time control will mark your card with 29 & at the next check you will need to check in when the flip card says 29. You cannot get back the time you have lost. You are allowed to lose up to 60 minutes of time before being considered a DNF.


A Terrain Test is a section of track within a Trail section. This is the racing part, there are usually 4 or 5 of these during the day. These sections can turn up anywhere along the trail so be prepared. You will be stopped by someone with an electronic device. They will record the number off your bike, and will tell you “go when ready.” Now is the time to ride as fast as possible. This section will take between 5 to 10 minutes. There will be a “TT Finish” sign. You will be stopped after this sign to be logged out. You have just been timed through the terrain test and every second is 1 point against you. If a faster rider catches you during a terrain test, be courteous and let them past.

Once all the Trail sections and Terrain tests are ridden, the day closes at the final check where you hand in your time card. Well done! You may have just ridden up to 120kms and 6 hours! Riding time wise, Enduro is definitely value for money, and they are great fun!
Entry Fee - $75.00

Come and have a go, Taupo’s pumice trails will be a fantastic place to try your first Enduro! 
See you there!

 Terrain Test Start