About Us

Epic Events

The Company

 • Epic Events is a company which specialises in on and off road motorcycling sports and events.

• Epic runs a wide range of motorcycling events including trail riding, adventure riding, touring and cross country racing.

• Epic Events are more than just a business. Our events are our passion and our way of life.

• We don’t aim to run the biggest events, but we do aim to lead the field with the best managed and the safest motorcycling events.

 A Brief History

 Started in 2000 by Nick Reader, a highly acclaimed off road motorcyclist with a driving force to create a truly Epic Event business with an initial focus of motorcycle trail rides. The Company quickly developed into the market leader in this industry with the highest participation levels at all rides including an all time high of 1900 riders at Desert Storm in 2005. Rides such as Suzuki Trail Blazer, Berm Buster and Pumice Blast joined the family of epic trail rides and strengthened the reputation of market leader.

 In 2008 Epic Events spread its wings and began the construction of ‘human powered events'. The first of these new events was the NZO Whirinaki Quest Mountain Bike event held near Murupara in 2008. 

 In 2009 Epic Events added to its repertoire a competitive motorcycle event, the Suzuki Taupo 4 Hour motorcycle race, and the Brooks Off Road Half Marathon.

 The Suzuki Taupo 4 Hour was a huge success and has become the most popular off road teams/individual motorcycle cross country endurance race in NZ.

 The Off Road Half Marathon was introduced next and attracted 429 runners and walkers keen to make it around Mt Tauhara. The event was part of a series of 3 half marathons in Taupo called the 63.3.

 2010 saw Epic Events establish two new events, the Trans Taupo Open Water Paddle across Lake Taupo and Crank Taupo Mountain Bike, a ride on and around Mount Tauhara in Taupo which included a Downhill and Cross-country race.

 In 2011, the Junior 90 race was added as a prequel to the 4 hour, to give young riders the opportunity to experience the cross country endurance racing scene.

 At the end of 2011, Epic Events changed ownership, with Nick handing over the reins to Gordon Sandilands and Claire Bullock, still operating as Epic Events, under Rooms Outside Ltd.

From here on Epic Events is back to its original focus of being solely committed to Motorcycle sports. Our aim is to improve the events we already have on offer as well as adding more events for Sponsors and participants with adventure riding and rider coaching.

 The Epic Events portfolio will continue to expand as we come up with fresh event ideas in epic locations throughout NZ.